Dräger had an entirely new safety product that smashed existing performance limitations. John worked on the ads and the concept for the video that showed the breakthrough nature of the X-zone 5000 gas detector. Upon launch, the campaign’s three-page microsite was responsible for 62% of all page views on Dräger’s 100+ page website.


The company also wanted to change its image. Rather than coming off as scientists in white lab coats from Germany, Dräger wanted to show that they could to rough and tumble firefighters in the United States. They had a product that detected hydrogen cyanide (HCN), which kills more firefighters each year than actual fire does. However, not too many people knew about the threat of HCN. The solution was a print ad with a heart stopping headline:


A few hard hitting banner ads helped position Dräger squarely in front of the no-nonsense consumer.